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She Confesses: Why I Hate Hiking

Hiking” for me is a relatively new concept. I never once remember as a child going hiking or having that word be part of my vocabulary. When I got older and friends would talk about going hiking, I’d immediately nope out of that situation and find something more appealing to do. Even now, despite going on many excursions that are considered “hikes” on a regular basis, I still get that gut sinking feeling whenever I hear that word. I decided to do some self-reflection about why hiking gives me such a visceral reaction.

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Four Ways to doNorth from Wherever You Are

For us, doNorth is a brand, but it’s also a concept. It encompasses all of the things we passionately undertake in our individual lives, and we took those loves and dreams and things that make us happy and built them into this idea. The heart of all of this is experiencing life. Whether that means exploring, creating, or simply taking in the moment, we look to absorb every instant. This brand represents our dedication to truly experiencing all the places we visit and call home. 

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