She Explores: How to be an “up north” person when you’re not outdoorsy

When you think of spending a weekend or even living “up north”, you probably think of very outdoorsy activities. Everyone’s range is a little different, but it could be anything from hiking to fishing to hunting to snowmobiling. “Outdoorsy” may mean something different for everyone, but I am here to tell you that you definitely do not need to be your typical outdoorsy person to enjoy going up north. With a little understanding about the wildlife you may encounter and a hefty can of bug spray, you too can enjoy your time in the Northwoods. 

Here are a few of our favorite ideas of how to enjoy your time in the Northwoods.

Relax and Rejuvenate

The calm, peaceful atmosphere of cabin life is the perfect opportunity to prioritize a little “me” time. Maybe grab a book or your journal, camp out on the porch and take a breath of that up north air. Or do one of my personal favorites and put on your tennis shoes and go for a little stroll. This doesn’t require you to be truly “outdoorsy” but does provide the benefits of fresh air, movement, and a surprising sense of calm that we really only seem to find in the woods. 

Enjoy Some Friendly Competition

A cabin getaway with family or friends provides the perfect opportunity to break out some cards or games. Whether you cozy up by the fireplace or pull up a table in the screened in porch, board games are an up north staple. In the summer months, we especially love yard games which help us soak up some sun while inspiring a little competition among our loved ones. For some board game inspiration, visit the Cabin Game Guide.


Explore the Local Towns

One of the best parts of venturing north is seeing all the small little towns that make the Northwoods unique. With interesting gift shops, candy stories, antique shops and plenty of bars and restaurants, it’s not truly a Northwoods adventure without encountering some local color. We encourage you to take an afternoon and find the nearest town to do a little exploring. With a little research beforehand, we bet you’ll find some local staples that you shouldn’t miss. Plus, supporting the local economy is a great way to help the Northwoods stay a vacation destination for generations to come.


Try Something New

If you have a whole weekend to fill, try something new. This is actually something we encourage no matter where you spend your time, but a weekend in the woods offers a new perspective that you may not find in your normal environment. The ideas are endless. If there is a recipe you’ve been wanting to try, grab those ingredients and get baking. If you’ve always wanted to try to make your own soap, now is your opportunity. Or maybe, take small steps to adventure outside. You may just become the “outdoorsy” person you never thought you’d be. 


Even if your time up north isn’t especially outdoors-focused, you can reap the benefits of fresh air and “lake time” and call yourself an up north-lover. We bet the Northwoods will still find a way to leave its mark on your soul.