Four Ways to doNorth from Wherever You Are

Welcome to doNorth! Thank you for joining us and for jumping on the bandwagon of our labor of love.

For us, doNorth is a brand, but it’s also a concept. It encompasses all of the things we passionately undertake in our individual lives, and we took those loves and dreams and things that make us happy and built them into this idea. The heart of all of this is experiencing life. Whether that means exploring, creating, or simply taking in the moment, we look to absorb every instant. This brand represents our dedication to truly experiencing all the places we visit and call home. 

Here are four ways you can doNorth from wherever you roam:

1.   Go outside. No matter where you are, the great outdoors is where you can connect best with the doNorth lifestyle. We are true believers that the outdoors can cure whatever troubles you, whether that’s boredom, stress, lethargy, etc. We’re blessed to have an abundance of fresh air where we live as well as the beauty of all four seasons, so we take advantage of those whenever we can.

Our most recent whim of an outdoor activity led us to a beautiful body of water about 30 miles due west of Milwaukee to Lower Nemahbin Lake. Just off I-94, there is a delightfully eye-catching blue building called Panga Bar & Grill that invites you to stop in. Panga itself is an establishment that feels like any worth-its-salt up north lake bar (with solid bloody marys, by the way), so we immediately felt at home. Outside that bar, among the patio tables and rows of kayaks and paddle boats and boards, is a little hut where Nomad Board Sports lives. In a few minutes and $20+ (depending on the season and choice of vessel), you can be on the water and feeling the traffic, the city, and all your worries disappear. Nomad employees are knowledgeable, no fuss folks who will give you a boost onto the water and plenty of tips. They cover all the necessary safety information in a timely fashion and get you on your way to enjoying the day. They also offer specialty events and lessons, though we haven’t taken advantage of these (yet!).

Fun fact: This kayak adventure is where doNorth was born!

2.   Turn anything into an event. What happens when you take two girls who love an experience, a good theme, and a solid Instagram moment and let them loose? You get any number of interesting evenings. Going out is great, but when we plan a night with friends or family, we almost always add a unique twist. And many times, there is no added production cost or time-consuming prep; just a little imagination. Assigning purpose to the actions you take creates a connection in your mind to something important and memorable.

Our favorite “event” we’ve created in the past year is an Around the World apartment crawl. We collected a group of five friends who were each willing to host a small portion of the evening, and they each selected a country of interest. At each stop, wine and appetizers of the theme country were served and, because we had a small-ish group and a long night ahead, we incorporated some traditional games and activities from that country as well. There’s nothing like a piñata to spice up an otherwise mellow evening!

Pro Tip: If you’re in a city with ridesharing apps (Uber, Lyft, etc.), we highly recommend using them. Drinking and driving is nothing to mess around with, and these apps make it easy to split fairs between multiple riders. Otherwise, if the stops on the crawl are close enough together, hit the pavement and make your stroll from place to place part of the experience.

Need help getting started? See which weird and wacky holidays are coming up and pick one to celebrate!


3.   Take advantage of the environment around you

No matter where you are or what you do, there’s something new to experience, even if you’re in a place you’ve lived your whole life. Visit old locations from your childhood. There’s no better nostalgia than seeing with adult eyes what you are sure you remembered through your child eyes. Or create something new in the familiar. It’s easy to let our homes and work and play spaces become afterthoughts. Stop and look around and see if you can turn those backgrounds into foregrounds for fun, entertainment, relaxation or whatever other mood you’re feeling.

Our favorite way to see our normal environments through a new lens is to celebrate the change of seasons. Midwest is best for being able to see it all, from the first snowfall to the world coming alive again after a long winter. We love every moment, and there are feelings of newness and excitement that should not be ignored. 

Too long until a change in the season? Here a few weeknight ideas to eliminate the normal.

  • Create a picnic (indoor or outdoor) with your takeout.
  • Mix up a specialty cocktail at home to celebrate the end of a long week.
    • Pro tip: Most cocktails are just as yummy without the alcohol, so go N/A if it suits you
  • Turn movie night into a movie theater experience with pillow and blanket forts, popcorn, and of course, no lights or cell phones!
  • Turn a simple walk into a scavenger hunt and see if you can find any remnants of the season coming or going.

4.   Surround yourself with your favorite things

If you know anything about us, you know that our favorite things are not complicated and we’re all about pampering ourselves. We all spend a lot of time running around, keeping up at work, maintaining the wellness of our families and cultivating relationships with loved ones.  It’s important to do these things, but it’s also important to take a step back and take care of yourself. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Even if it’s just five minutes a day, find a moment that’s just for you.

With the crisp fall air settled upon us, we’re currently most happy with a cozy blanket, a book, and a cup of tea. This super soft Sherpa throw fits the bill perfectly. Add in some wooly socks and a hearty meal and you’ve got yourself a blissfully perfect fall evening.

doNorth is all about living your best life and we truly believe that this endeavor is possible for everyone. Whether you share our vision of happiness or your view looks a little different, we encourage you to approach every moment with enthusiasm, creativity and an open mind and heart. We’re glad to have you along for our ride and hope you find inspiration in this community.

Yours in adventure,