She Builds: Our 2018 Intentions for the New Year

Let’s talk New Year’s resolutions. We’re not super opposed to that word “resolution”, but it immediately conjures an image of 400 new people cramming themselves into the gym for the next 20 days and then promptly disappearing. Or our recommended 64 oz. of daily water being slowly replaced by Diet Coke by mid-March. “Resolution” has become an almost ironic concept which lends itself to a negative head space. We don’t want to hang out in negativity, so we’re not doing resolutions this year. Instead, we’re setting 2018 intentions.

Living with intention has always been concept by which we try to exist. In fact, doNorth is a direct product of that idea. We find that, when we give ourselves permission to do the things that fill our hearts and minds with happiness, reflection, and community - regardless of what anyone else has to say about it - it’s much easier to stay out of the rabbit hole of mindless reality TV, endless social media scrolling, or brilliant conversation being wasted on unworthy participants. Understanding why we do the things we do is as important as the activity itself, and we’re more productive and successful people when we can hone into that mindfulness.

So, we challenge you to set your own intentions. Figure out what brings the sparkle to your smile and immerse yourself in that. When it’s something that makes you happy, it’s a much easier “resolution” to stick to.

Here’s a peak at our 2018 intention for doNorth:

Truly experience our adventures: Sometimes we get so caught up in getting the perfect picture or crafting the best caption that we forget to actually enjoy the activity. We’re putting exploration first in 2018 and hope the genuineness shines through our content.

Speaking of content….

We’re bringing more to you this year! In the beginning phases of doNorth, we’ve been focusing a lot on Instagram, but we have so much more to share! Join our mailing list below and follow us on Facebook and Pinterest to stay up-to-date on all our happenings. We’ll be bringing you the insider scoop on our favorite destinations, activities, and goodies.

Collaborate with our Community: In the short time we’ve been up and running, we have found SO MANY like-minded people in our immediate circle as well as in the wider circle of social media. All the things we do are better when shared, so we hope to connect with you in authentic ways to experience together the magic of doNorth.

Make the most of our ‘me time’: We both consider ourselves “extroverted introverts”, which means we recharge best when we can be alone in our own space. It’s easy to let ‘me time’ turn into 9 hours of Scandal reruns*, so we’re going to work on using that precious time in a meaningful way. We both know what to do to feel our best in body and mind– for Mara it’s spin, for Charlotte it’s yoga- so, we’re committing to prioritizing those things this year. This will help us be our very best selves when we’re at work, with our friends and family, or spending time with all of you.

*We are absolutely not opposed to marathon Scandal or [insert your show here] reruns. Sometimes you truly do need to zone out and get lost in someone else’s fictional world. So, let’s aim for the 80/20 rule here. 80 percent mindful; 20 percent Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids watching “Castaway”.

We wish you the very best of what 2018 has to offer and we can’t wait to see you along the way.

Yours in Adventure,

C & M