She Lives: Adding Cabin Elements To Your Living Space

We are thiiiiiis close to summer and we are dreaming of cabin weekends and lakeside adventures. It should surprise no one that we feel right at home in a cabin environment and we like to bring elements of that cabin feel into our everyday living space. Here are our favorite ways to get cabin cozy wherever we lay our heads:

  1. Wood accents - This is a no-brainer and something almost everyone already has at home. Cabin homes get their appeal by their often gorgeous natural settings and bringing those natural elements indoors adds an immediate cottage feel to a living space. We prefer wood floors to carpet or vinyl, but if that’s not an option for you, consider wooden end tables or coffee tables or even simple touches like wood frames on your wall artwork. An interior decorator probably has rules about different colors and types of wood to combine, but we say, the more the merrier! We think these sweet little wood frames would add an accessible rustic touch to any room. 
  2. Forest foliage - Speaking of natural elements, you can’t live your best cabin life without some inside greenery. We always gravitate toward evergreens or flowers, but if you have Charlotte’s lack of green thumb, aim for succulents. They don’t necessarily scream Northwoods, but you can forget to water them for a month and usually bring them back to life and they still add freshness to your indoor space. These individual succulents are easy to place around the house without taking up too much space. Arranging a few in this natural wood planter helps bring a bit more of the Northwoods inside, too. 
  3. Grandma’s touch - One of our favorite things about cabin life is that it usually comes with a legacy. So many lake homes have been handed down through generations, so it only makes sense that hand-me-downs are part of the package. Whether it’s furniture, photos, or dishes and knick knacks, we think keeping some of the legacy alive is what truly makes cottage living lovely. To add this concept into your own home, talk to Grandma! If she’s anything like our Grandmas, she’ll be digging through consignment shops, garage sales, and her own house to provide you with whatever you seek. If granny’s not a garage-saler, look for vintage pieces to incorporate into your home goods. We think these vintage-inspired glass tumblers from the Pioneer Woman are perfect for any cabin-side cocktail.
  4. Kitschy decor - One place to kick up the kitsch is in cabin décor. There are so many lake and woods-inspired mottos to live by and nods to that up north way of life. Where better to showcase them then in your home décor. Go big or go small; it only takes a few details to bring that feeling home. Here are some décor pieces we love:

For us, cabin life is where we feel most relaxed and centered, so it’s truly beneficial to have that cozy feeling wherever we spend our time. Tell us about your favorite cabin-inspired elements and pieces by commenting below or tagging #howidonorth on your Instagram photos.

Yours in Adventure,

C & M