She Does: 4 Outdoor Activities I Can't Wait To Try

Let me start by saying that I am not an adrenaline junkie. I’m terrified of heights, I quickly dismissed most water sports the first time I was thrown from a tube, and that stomach drop feeling when on a roller coaster makes me queasy. But, I love the outdoors, which a lot of people think is strange considering my aversion to most things adventurous. I attribute my love of nature to the environment I was raised in. When living among the woods and water is the way you grow up, an attachment is formed when you’re still young and a bit more fearless, and it carries on through the rest of your life.

I’ve tried a lot of things when it comes to the outdoors. I’m a knowledgable camper, can maneuver my way around a boat well enough and can withstand some aggressive weather situations. That’s why I’m so intrigued when a new and exciting idea or trend in the world of the outdoors arises. Here are four things I’ve learned about recently that I’m dying to try:

  1. Forest bathing. According to NPR, forest bathing is a type of nature meditation or therapy. It’s a way to immerse yourself in the natural world to release stress and better connect to the moment. This practice began in Japan and is making its way to the United States. Forest bathing is led by a certified Forest Therapy Guide and has been known to result in lower blood pressure and stress hormones. Considering the immediate contentment I get from simply staring at the water, there’s no doubt I’d reap some major benefits from trying this out! 
  2. Lake surfing. I like to believe that if I grew up in Hawaii instead of Wisconsin, I would be a total surfer girl. I’ve always been enamored with surfing as a general idea. The connection to the water, the strength and balance it takes to actually do the sport, and the overall zen mentality and respect for the ocean have always appealed to me. So, imagine my delight when I realized there was a community of people who surf the fresh waters of our lovely great lakes! No doubt surfing the lake is different from surfing in the ocean, but I’m sure it’s no less thrilling. And, you don’t have to worry about that stinging salt water or those pesky sharks. 
  3. Ride a pirate ship.  I’ve been on a lot of different boats in my day and love every single one. One boat I haven’t been on is a replica pirate ship and I cannot hear enough about the Pirates Hideaway in Eagle River, WI. The entire establishment containing an ice cream shop, tiki bar and gift shop looks like a fine place to spend a day. And with a scenic boat ride for under $20, this is one outdoor adventure I’m sure I can check off my list soon. 
  4. White Water Rafting. Ok, so this isn’t anything new, but it is certainly something I’ve never tried. I grew up within 30 miles of the Wolf River, which has some of the best local rafting in Wisconsin and I somehow never managed to dive into this adventure. This one scares me a bit as it can be dangerous and you have to put a certain amount of trust in the team you’re rafting with. However, the fact that this is a team activity actually entices me a little bit. Experiencing something new within a group is a great way to make personal connections and it’s always fun to share the exhilaration. 

There is no shortage of recreation in the Midwest and there is always something new and exciting to draw your attention. If anyone has connections to folks who do some of the things I mentioned above, let us know. We’d love to support someone in our inner circle. Or better yet, come and try these things with us! Comment below or send us a message if you’ve got the inside scoop!

Yours in Adventure, 

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