She Explores: Vacation Fuels The Soul

Sometimes a vacation is just what you need. I'm lucky that I found out early that travel is my personal cure for the mundane and I make a point to do it often. Traveling to new destinations inspires my passion and creativity that linger long after the trip is over. I was fortunate enough to have a May full of travel. Between fun, work and celebrating my friends bachelorette parties, I boarded an airplane 14 times. Although it may seem like a lot, it was ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY worth it. Despite some crazy flight times, I felt completely rejuvenated afterwards. Hear me out; my May wasn’t as crazy as it seems. 

As many of my trips are, a few of my May adventures were steeped in nature. I hiked Camelback Mountain in the heat and the sun, kayaked Lake Powell and navigated through the canyons in Arizona. In the next trip, I ended up in the mountains of Colorado at Grand Lake. We did a 7-mile hike one day, saw two Moose, and enjoyed the views of our drives through the mountains. Talk about breathtaking.   

Despite these trips being jam-packed with adventure, the simple fact that they were outside, in mountains and canyons, getting fresh air and sunshine, seriously does something to calm the mind and body. It puts everything into perspective. Whether stressed about work, life, relationships, all those things seem small when you are surrounded by desert, mountains or canyons. It’s like there is something more grand out there waiting for you. I am seriously in awe of nature. It helps me get out of my head and appreciate everything I have and inspires me to live life to the fullest. 

I was so fortunate that all my travels in May were with different groups of amazing and inspiring women, many of whom I do not see often. It was incredible to chat with these ladies about their lives, passions, interests and goals. I not only learned about them, but was challenged to learn about myself as I reflected on our conversations. My work travels this month were with one of my coworkers, whom I don’t work with often. She is, bay far, the most passionate person on my team at work. She truly wants to change the world. And coming from a very ‘corporate’ company, that perspective is refreshing. We shouldn’t let anyone or anything stop us from achieving the goals, no matter the circumstances.  

I think that, when you try something new, it challenges your own personal status quo. It forces you to open your eyes (and mind) to something new. It may not be stuff that is in your everyday life, but you can experience or observe a different way of life through a new city. My work sent me to both D.C. and Asheville, NC in May, both of which I had never been to. Let me tell you, that hustle and bustle of D.C. was a lot, but showed just how passionate the people of America are, and the changes they want to make, whether we agree with them or not. And Asheville was just about the quaintest town I had been to. It was definitely a slower pace than what I am used to and it surprised me how much I enjoyed it.  Waking up with mountain views in the distance - who wouldn’t love that? 

All-in-all, I barely spent a night in my apartment in May, but I have never felt more inspired or invigorated. Getting away and gaining new perspective was worth the sacrifice of the creature comforts of home and everyday life. In a life where I feel like I'm always connected, it felt incredible to "log off" and experience the world in a real, tangible way. And, despite a little sleepiness, I feel re-energized to pour that passion back into my daily routine.