She Goes: 5 Essentials For Your Cabin Road-trip

Going “up north” or to the cabin, to us, means VACATION, and we want to take advantage of every minute of our time away. That means creating a comfortable experience from beginning to end and the beginning, of course, is the transportation part. We’ve become accustomed to a fun road trip and, now that it’s summer, these road trips will become much more frequent. 

Here are our tried and true tips to turn your car ride into a vacation experience:

Snacks - It is essential to stock up on snacks before you hit the road. Make sure you have ample fuel to stay awake and alert! We always recommend having something sweet,something savory, and - dare we say it? - even something healthy? We are definitely pro-gas station food for road trips, so if you have a hankering for donuts or the overly sweet cappuccino from the vending machine, definitely indulge when you stop for gas.

  • Mara’s snack staple: Cheez-its
  • Charlotte’s snack staple: Gummy bears

Music - Having a game plan for your stereo is critical. If you are traveling alone or with a significant other, we recommend opting for a podcast or audio book. It’s relaxing, holds your interest and, if there is someone else in the car, gives you a conversation topic to discuss/debate. We generally gravitate toward crime podcasts and mystery audiobooks. If you’re on a road trip with your girlfriends, this is an entirely different situation. This is a great time to break out some old CDs and find some of your 90s jams or high school throwbacks. A little Shania Twain and Spice Girls always gets the party started!

  • Mara’s favorite road trip audio: My iPod from high school
  • Charlotte’s favorite road trip audio: My Favorite Murder podcast

Plan for the unexpected – We’ve found that a road trip is always more enjoyable when you have an open mind and a flexible schedule. Sometimes you can find the best spots driving through the middle of nowhere. If you see a sign, never hesitate to take the turn and go explore! We’ve found some of the cutest gift shops and coffee shops this way. 

Caffeine - Road trips can wear on you after so many hours, so it’s good to stay alert however you need to. For us, this means caffeine. We almost always start with a hot coffee or tea, and then have a spare energy drink or soda for halfway through the trip for a much-needed pick-me-up. Water may be the better option (and you should always have a few spare bottles in your car when traveling), but Starbucks always does the trick and puts us in a good mood.

  • Mara’s favorite caffeine: Coffee
  • Charlotte’s  favorite caffeine: Diet Coke

Safety - Lastly, and most importantly, be safe. You should have an emergency kit with survival essentials in your car at all times. Our dads both ingrained this into our head’s the minute we started driving, and it’s come in handy a time or two. We recommend the following:

  • Blankets
  • Bottles of water
  • Flashlight
  • Granola or energy bars
  • A spare phone charger
  • First aid kit
  • Jumper cables
  • Travel size neon cones

We all work hard for our vacations, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t enjoy every minute of them.  Instead of looking at your road travel as a means to an end, make it the beginning of your adventure!

What are some of your road trip essentials?